Never Ending

Living, breathing, continuity,

living life, soulless, miserably,

alive forever, never in fear,

never ending, shed no tears.

Years go by,

friends go and die,

sit alone, a hollow shell,

living in peace, praying for Hell.

Continue on, until the end of days,

as time continues, ebbs and sways.

Your soul is locked in this life,

n way to end, not even with a gun or knife.

Love of your life, he dies,

all you can do is sit and cry,

you with your cursed immortality,

you weep sporadically.

The planet is failing, ending,

there is no hope of it mending,

you stand there, all alone,

no way for you to go home.

The planet is dead and cold,

you stand there, your life does not fold,

you stand alone with no home,

and no way to end your suffering tone.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This piece was a contest between me and a friend of mine, as we challenged each other to write a poem on immortality, as she thought my morbid ways held back my poetry. After submitting our poems to several English Teachers, I won hands down.

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