The Meaning Of Life

compared to any two hour film, most of our suburban lives are pointless, boring, facebook plagued, free-floating space occupiers,

this shitty, waste of an internet page, garbage i parade as poetry is undeserving of your time,  you'd probably learn more from braiding electrical wires,

no insight is great unless it is used in the appropriate setting,

back in the day, it was a great idea to cure people through blood letting,

useless facts, they don't even make you appear smart anymore,

each day we wake up, just to hit the floor,

in the movies they hit it running, we hit it crawling,

head down, unstimulated, wasting away bawling,

it takes 100 of us to cater to one rich jerk,

at night in unfulfillable desires we lurk,

things happen, we have no idea why,

we attribute meaning at random, give credit to the sky,

reading this was probably the most exciting part of your day,

nah, but it was close and that's the way it'll stay.

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