Just one day..

If I could have you..for one day..we would walk..talk and say..How we feel..whats the deal..look in your eyes..our love would seal..Just be together..be alone..having fun..under the sun..Have a picnic..under a tree..my head in your lap..it would be..Just looking up..into your eyes..to see your smile..makes me high..To hear you laugh..and sing to me..loving you..loving me..I would kiss you..soft and sweet..make you whole..and complete..If I could have you..for one day..In the evening..I would say..Take you dancing..have some fun..Spin you around..with the sounds..Go for a walk..under the moon..hold your hand..be your man..When it get late..I take you..home with me..you will see..How I love you..lay you down..and give my love..all around..You will hold on..tight to me..in and out you..I will be..Our love will burn..be on fire..I'll take you there..all you desire..All night long..be as one..cum together..it will be done..If I could have you..for one day..love you down..is my way

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