Make me great..

You make me great..this I feel..its your love..I would seal..Its the love..that you send..its your my friend..

Thinking of and now..yes, your special.. ooh and how..Yes I like you..this I do..your so warm..tender too..

Its your love..I dream to do..all your beauty..breaking through..Just to hold you..through the night..taking you..your so tight..

Have your love..all over me..Im so would agree..You just melting..there for me..deep in you..I would be..

Make our music..that we feel me..Im like wood..I don't stop..loving you..give my all..until Im through..

ooh the desire..I take much higher..To the will be..your as can be..

You make me great..with your love..cover sweet dove..Give to me..all of will feel me..inside too..

My love seeps..into you..yes its are too..Your the flower..of my dreams..I will shower..with my cream..

You will love you do..all my love..I send to you..You my the end..its all love..lets begin..

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