I can hear a moving sound

From under the ground

The sky is darkening (void of clouds)

The grass is brown

I hope, I hope

This ain't the end of the world

I hope, I hope

I get a chance to go home

I know, I KNOW

My heart will beat until then

I know, I know

I'll get to see my best friend

Cause if my time allowed

Ever started counting down

I'd build a time machine

I'd find you where and when you'd

least expect me

The sun has darkened red

The breeze has calmed

I'm the only one around

The world has stopped it's sound

I hope, I hope

This ain't the end of us all

I hope, I hope

I get to make my last call

I know, I KNOW

Upon the sound of your voice

I'll go, I'll go

Headfirst into my next life

Cause the confidence you'd give

Would get me ready for a trip

Anything in front of me

I'd knock it down

To get to you

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