Standing on this brink,
I peek over the edge;
One step further
Could set me free
Looking over my shoulder,
I see no one.
Glancing over the horizon,
I see someone staring back.
I recognize the facial features;
The way his smile crooks to one side.
He stares blankly into my eyes;
Burning a hole into my mind.
Trying to escape his gaze—
I stand frozen in time,
lacking the strength to move.
Love struck again—sucked back in
Trapped is my heart,
In which he holds captive—
Finally, I break free,
From his telekinetic grasp;
And fall back—
My breath escapes.
Looking beyond,
To where he once was,
I realize he never—was.
All in my imagination,
Was the perfect man.
Standing up, I lean over,
And slip over the edge.
Landing silently, no sound—
Numb; floating out of my body.
My soul leaves and flies free—
No more, does he have a hold on me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written in 2002

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Nice ending.

Nice ending.