Better Than Expected

I am feeling better than expected, on a journey I haven’t selected,

An unexpected journey in this life, that could bring pain and strife,

Not fully aware what it’s all about; I may even struggle with doubt,

Concerning The Lord’s faithful love, or God’s Power, from above.

I could question His power to heal, a sudden illness that is so real,

Or even question the reason why, this befell on to my family and I;

And for them what may lie ahead, regarding an illness many dread,

But this He allowed to happen to me, for He’s The God of Eternity.

Friend, this isn’t just another story, but, a real life, for God’s Glory,

Another chapter in my life, of the sustaining Grace of Jesus Christ,

More pages on God’s Grace to me, as we journey towards eternity,

While all I need, He will afford, through Jesus, my Savior and Lord.

In days ahead, my Lord will sustain, me through any trials and pain,

And Christ shall uphold all my family, in ways that we’ve yet to see;

What I will feel like, I don’t know, but God will help me when I’m low,

To trust in The Rock of Ages, as in this chapter, He turns the pages.

Whatever happens, I know for sure, I will be with Christ forevermore,

And my Lord shall forsake me not, whatever may be my present lot.

For every lot, cast within my life, is through the Will of Jesus Christ,

Who grants me an abiding peace, which from God, will never cease.

(Copyright ©09/2010)

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