In Memory of Papa

I wander through these dreary skies

Thinking back to that last sunrise

I stood up on the side of the cliff

As I let thoughts of you drift,

Turning through my questioning mind

Wondering why it was your time

I remember when we would climb this hill together

Now I look over, as your remainings are tossed

I see Mom; she has tears in her eyes,

I look over at P, he is so young

He doesn't deserve to lose his father now

I turn my head the other way,

And there is D, with a face of fury,

As he asks you why you left him behind,

And when he will get to see you again

Your brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews

Everyone is here to say good bye

All of them, with that same question in their eyes

His laughter and humor filled up our lives

No one could refuse his generous soul

Or deny that he had once touched their heart

Papa, I know you are up there somewhere,

Or maybe standing here by my side

I just wanted to tell you again,

I think of you all the time

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written in 2002
In memory of the best father, ever!

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