When childhood comes back again

When childhood comes back again

Through the window of your fast life train,

Just before train will reach final stop,

Open window and let childhood hop,

Into cabin where loneliness dwells,

As your only companion on rails.


Let your childhood take you by hand,

Trusting you as you've trusted your dad.

Take a journey together back to the past

Into times where hours could last,

Into times where the days were so long,

Into innocent times where nothing was wrong.


When childhood comes back your way

Don't push it away, let it stay, let it play.

Let it share its secrets and dreams

While its head to your head softly leans.

Let it be your true loyal friend,

Let it stay in your life to the end.

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heatherburns35's picture

childhood is a magical time...If only life
could always be that way....very nicely written.