Pull The Trigger

And Then They Bled

The end is nigh,

and its time for you to die,

put the gun to your head,

you know you want what is said.

I am the demon on your shoulder,

and over the years I have become even bolder,

now I have convinced you to ease your pain,

by putting a bullet into your brain.

I egg you on, I tell you to pull the trigger,

I am an evil and demented figure,

end your life and you'll earn a prize,

end your life, so I can laugh at your demise.

Raise the gun to your temple,

the cops will come and think your mental,

so please oh please splatter your skull,

do it, if you think you have the balls!

Then there is a loud crack,

and your eyes close, it goes all black,

you had the guts to end it all?

No...you shot the demon who beckons and calls.

Free of your torture, you take the gun,

as you figure that life has been fun,

but still you slide the barrel in your mouth,

as your body falls, your life snuffed out.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

There is no description...it has no purpose. It is here simply to be here.

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