The Sea

Sit by the water with me,

And stare out to the sea.

Breathe in that sweet, salty air;

With which I could not leave.

Take my hand, and dance with me;

Sway to the music of the waves,

As they crash along the shore.

The beat ever so melancholy—

Singing a sad song of lost loves;

Of lives gone astray;

Telling us its story.

How simple it must be,

To be the sea;

To wash up unwanted memories,

And burden us with cries of lost souls.

Yet here we are,

Your arms around me.


Feelings of sympathy,

For lost loves, of the souls of the sea.

Tears fall freely to my cheeks,

And you quickly wipe them away

“Be with  me.” You whisper,

Into my ear;

Still, I feel nothing but sorrow.

The waves wash over me;

And as I cling to you,

The sea envelopes me;

Rips me from your arms;

Consuming my very being.

Will you be the one to rescue me?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written on 9/9/10

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