Insane For Freedom From This Love

Lock me away where the sun may not go

Nor the moonlight beams may glow

While your face, never shown

Stash me afar in a blocked stony cell

Where black silence does dwell

And your loathing may quell

Shun me away, abandoned, insane

Where no creature, or person, or even a thing

May find such an awful and dreaded mistake

Bind me up, wrap me up, knot me up tight

Choke me in blankets of needle and white

And pray for your safety as I scream through the night

Then call me insane, cut me deep, make me bleed

But I'm insane for your love, insane for your need

But even in love, I’m insane to be freed

Author's Notes/Comments: 

God, when someone says its impossible to love too much, they're wrong. I like this guy waaaaay more than he likes me, and it's killing me. Slowly. He doesn't get it, I mean, he says I'm always on his mind and all, but if only he was as insane as I feel for him... Is there still hope he feels the same?

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