You are a angel..that I I with me..Taking you..the way I do..loving you..breaking through..With the music..that and more..close your eyes..see me pour..All my love..just for you..all your beauty..all that too..To see you laying..on the couch..waiting for me..knocks me out..On my knees..I will be..touching feeling me..Deep in will our love will seal..All your desires..will come true..when I get loving you..You so warm..your love for make me grow..big you see..Taking you..all the will love will say..As your eyes will be..feeling me..that I see..I will love you..set you free..thats my way..let it be..Soft and tender..through the night..tasting won't fight..But just give all of me..its your love..that sets me free..True love is somthing..hard to find..with your love..we will bind..Come as will be done..loving you..has just begun..

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