Among Men...

Unstoppable, powerful, the lord of War,

he kills men, scores upon score,

no man can stand against his blade,

as he makes their lives fade.

"Can Anybody Provide Me With A Decent Challenge?" he bellows,

and the enemy crumbles, buckles, mellows,

his halberd tears through their skin,

he is the embodiment of war and sin.

His lust for war is unstoppable,

his courage is great, and he does not topple,

no man stands before his might,

as they continue to kill and fight.

He is surrounded, but he does not yield,

hes life is the battlefield,

he kills and slays to his hearts desire,

to quench this unquenchable fire.

He caused this because of his lust,

his power never buckles or bust,

his longing for a challenge is his downfall,

as he falls to the ground, body and all.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This, my friends, is a poem for the greatest warrior (in my opinion) to ever live: the mighty Lu Bu of the Three Kingdoms Era of China.

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