Untitled -- 9.18.2010


Please for the love of

Everything you've ever dreamed of

Stop acting so foolish

Stop being so fraudulent

Start acting your age

Just because you don't look it

Doesn't mean

You should take advantage of it

And you shouldn't talk about it

Or that, or anything personal

Cause no soul should know

What makes you tick

Whoring your image isn't working

How long have you been at it?

If at first you don't succeed, then try and try again

Only know that the rule coincides with positive, honest outcomes,

not the smut on your mind.

You don't keep to yourself

You don't try not to offend

You don't make any attempt

To make any amends to the damages

You've dished out to all of your friends

You're the waste

Calling them out, calling yourself

better than that.


Grow a dick

No wonder why you're all alone

At home wishing for a better attitude

And stringing awful words together

Welcome to your pity party

You can't even think straight

Your eyes are closing

You're damn near lost.

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