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When I write I write for me. I dont care if anybody else likes or dislikes it. My ideas are triggered by emotions. So in this way all poems are in some way personal to me, though this does not make every poem directly related to anything in my life. My poems vary from a few different concepts. Sometimes I write about romance, but then sometimes I write about murder or rape. Does this mean I want to go out and murder or rape someone? Even you even have to ask then your an idiot. Its no different than someone writing a movie. This doesnt mean I wont be open to discuss anything I write though. Dont ask me what I think of your piece if you cant handle a negative answer.

Aside from that....I like Whiskey, girls, the beach, and comedy movies!

About My Navel

My navel was born June 21st, 1988. It was a Tuesday but Im not sure on the exact time. It be hard to find another navel as loyal as mine. He has been through through thick and then, water and soap. My navel is an excellent painter and collector of fine art.

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I make memories not bullshit


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