Like an old quilt blanket that once was colorful and new and admired by all, now dragged through the years has turned to rags. I wrap it around me, so lifeless and torn with tear stained spots and picked threads. I was once new. I thought i  would never grow old, never get tired. Always free and never ending. i pull the quilt tighter to my chest and wipe my nose with it. Now, shivering in this cold, an overwhelming sense of heartache has found it's way in and can't get out. How naive i was and still am. I have mistreated my own heart, my own love with such carelessness and now reap my sorrows. I've abused my self so casually through the years and had no clue. If i had just loved my self as much as them then i would be so much stronger now, but i didn't. Whats the saying,..."Could have, should have, but didn't and now it's to late!" The words bounce off the walls as and echoes in my ears then melts into noise that slowly fades to a whisper.... then gone. POOF! Just like that, gone. I want to go too. Wherever those echoes, those whispers and words went. Take me with you. Words are all i have now. Words to tell my anger, words to tell my sadness, words to help me remember those times when i  was young and life was fun. My words, my tears, my heartache and pain, these are what's left of that time, patches that cover my blanket, once songs of hope, of love and excitement. I wrap my self in it so tight as to not ever let them go again, for they are me, my words, safe here, never to be placed in the arms of a stranger ever again. Don't worry, you're still beautiful, though faded and smudged, you are my life and the love that i lost and found. You are me so rest now in peace. R.I.P.,

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