I haphazardly stumbled into
an old observation of yours made
and wondered if
had I been there when such
conversation had taken place
would I have felt comfortable
enough myself to stay
resignation and gloom
they barely lit the room
of that fabled page
I'm certain that poetic lady
you speak so highly of
in a rather fond retrospect
filled a welcome void with
some substance all her own
for you to ponder and integrate
I was glad for the stimulation
you were allotted by this
breathing vessel of wisdom,
intuition and grace
you needed such camaraderie
and companionship
from the similar sounding board
of a female's view and imagery
as even you yourself would say
a drowning man will reach for
any nearby floating door
it's the means by which he uses
what is left of his flailing strength
to pull himself up out of the water
for which we might only so very
slightly disagree
so I enjoyed the light touch of
your words
which you carefully shone on a dark
moment of your then 'Unmet Needs'........
(Sept 14, 2010 208am)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

inspired by fellow post poems Poets Muhammad Naveed Ahmed and Deborah Russell's poems 'With The Woman From Jupiter' which was his response to her poem 'From The Ground' upon reading their poem I found I had to put my two cents worth in on the matter.

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