Change of address

I have a mattress on the floor in the corner of a rented room.
A box of miscellaneous wires and cables for decor.
I thought about hanging myself today in the backyard.
I thought about what shoes I would wear and socks if any.
I saw my blue and bloated face nestled near prickly rope.
I would swing for hours and on into the night.
My heart would sour and recount all the noxious
years of small talk, pipe dreams,angered rants, and sorted pathways.
I've enjoyed the sandy beaches while barefoot and trees that

were golden and red and whirling around on top but that ever

loving darkness always comes.
Stronger by the year.
Stronger by the let downs.
Stronger by my doubts.
It will seduce you.
There's a comfort there and another drink

would only make it easier to fuck the shit out of death.
No coffee in the morning.
No after glow.
Just the shoes of my choice swaying in the breeze.


Ray Strickland  Sept.24,2010

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I had a dream.......don't do it Ray me far so la........