Wild at heart


I've always been a gypsy soul,
restless, always looking for an adventure.

Never had a good enough reason to stay,
they never loved me anyway.

Always trapped in the same game,
a cycle that never seemed to end.

Lost in the maze, where do I go,
which way leads home?

Never belonged anywhere,
found peace in shadows,
with the ghosts and graves.

A wanderer, hell-bent on finding freedom,
couldn't even see what was waiting for me.

Spent so much time running,
chasing what I couldn't see.

The stars burn in the sky,
the moon cries for all the lost souls,
I watch from the nightmare's refuge.

Will I ever tame my wildness,
the fire that fuels me,
the fear that drives me?

Will I always want to pull away,
to go back to the dark,
shy away from the light?

Will you catch me when I fall,
hold me when all I want is to run,
heal me when I break?

Have I found what I've searched for,
with you, is this where I belong?

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