Meaningless Depression

Sometimes life is tough

And can seem to bring me down

Love can seem pointless

And every hug I receive seems fake

Happiness seems over rated

And the timing is never right

Jokes are no longer funny

And everything makes me cry

Joy is a thing of my childhood

And endless nights are made reminiscing

Could this be what my life is meant to be?

Depression and worthlessness

Taking every last breath for granted

Not justifying, that there is life

There is family, there are friends

There's every kiss I can manage to steal

Meaningful chats into long empty nights

Hugs from friends who I long to see

Smiles from my little guy

I have loves of my life, not one love

There are things worth living for

There should be meaning to my life

Depression can cloud my mind

But I'm the only one who can wipe it clean

Clear away the mist, the meaningless pain

I can wallow in my pity, my emptiness

Or I can live for the moment

And every love that comes into my life

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written in 2007 or 2008

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