The Choking Game


Intoxicated, if only vague,
Watching from a wax wall of ill health
To choke on my words is all I can do
To hold back my tongue,
Because, I just dont know what to do anymore...

I'll play the seeker,
In your tag-team innocent little game,
Where I as the victim, tied to the wall.

The choking game.
My only way out, my only way in,
Please dont play with my sanity.
There's only so much that I can take.
The choking game, my only way out,
My only way out.

I hope they feel guilt
When they find that I lost their little game,
Because my words meant nothing,
My feelings meant nothing,
I, as a person, mean nothing...

No more hope for this world,
Now take your hands and wrap them around my throat,
I want to feel the pain,
I want to feel the high,
I want to taste the death.

Because I...
Because I......
...I told you it was a game...

It was only a game, right?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Yes it is what you're thinking, and I did play Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. For the Wii. I am that hardcore. But the poem was written in a different sense, I guess. You decide what it means to you.

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