Break Up Revelation: Part 3

He is gone,

She finally lets it all in.

Lets the truth sink and settle,

Hard into her conscience.

That night,

When the revelation appears to her in a dream—

Although she is awake—

She pulls out the blade;

The one in which will take her life.

Uneasily she places it to her vein,

And pushes deep—

Slicing open, her wrist.


Jolting from the physical pain—

She picks the blade up, off her wrist.

Holding it to the other,

And weak from the massive loss of blood,

She pushes with all the strength she has left.

She lays her head beside his shrine,

And lets go of the life she once lived—

Settling for the place of damnation,

Over what she calls hell.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written in 2002 or 2003

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