quite enchanted was I
to find myself sampling upon
the likes of a strolling brew
of two poignant troubadours
reclining each
their fondest thoughts shared
so to better explore
every word's never once thought
to its warmest hue
t'was a rolling froth of eye intoxicating
one might even express
Beowulf himself would have been proud
to tilt a tote for his hero's need
as he offered up his own chivalrous address
and yet there are goblins in this lagoon of verse
I, myself have witnessed
ones which I would not wish to trample upon
but I felt at peace with the surface subject
of their counterparts
and I could not find fault
in the joy
they from themselves had wrung
through their words
and in the miracle of tracing
their very souls back through
their own humanity
all the while
blessedly locating
each other
t'was a beautiful twining
truly to be noted
an otherworldly escape
from self
blended from
two primal points of
exit and entry
gloriously patch worked
and quoted
up to a point
'The Mere Reader's Eye'
could not be better pleased...........
(Sept. 17, 2010 705am)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

My poetic reply to fellow poet's Deborah Russell's poem 'From This Ground' and Muhammad Naveed Ahmed's response to it.

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