I Will Miss It

His scent,

The feel of his arms wrapped around me—

As I sink deeper into the curve of his body.  

So comfortable, am I,

That I never want to leave.  

The minutes tick by,

As I watch the clock—

Three hours until we need to be up,

So he can drive me to my car.

We’re still curled up together.  

He turns the other way,

With his back to me.  

I turn that way too;

He backs into me,

Takes my arm,

And wraps it around him.  

He nestles into my body,

His fingers intertwined with mine.  

I can feel him throbbing into me,

As he spoons me once again.  

If only I had the nerve to turn around,

And kiss him.  

I do turn around,

And put my arms around him,

He does the same to me.  

He rubs his nose with mine

And we giggle.  

I don’t sleep with him that morning—

I want to, but I don’t.  

It’s now 10 A.M. and we’re still lying in bed.  

I know if I get up,

It ends—

It will never happen again.  

I have to settle for what I have.  

We both get up,

And he changes.

I see every ripple of the muscles in his back,


And arms.  

I wish I could see more,

But I won’t.  

It’s time to leave.

We clamber into his Rodeo;  

There are empty bags all over the floor.  

I thought my car was bad.  

I remember commenting on it the night before,

When we got into his vehicle.  

My head is pounding,

But I know I have to see my brothers today.  

It’s my duty as an older sister.  

We part,

Without a kiss,

Without even a hug.  

This is the last of the intimacy.  

I will miss it.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written in December of 2005

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Amazing is the things that

Amazing is the things that are missed the most once they are no longer part of our daily life. lost are the things we didnt know we had even those that are long taken for granted. life is but a mystery that evades us till our dying day.

To thine own Self Be true