The Same Boat

the world waits in anticipation for your facebook update, the one where you find love on craigslist,

and the world waits passively, watches progression crippled like in the wrong direction its legs twist,

each life story is so intricate, so the norm, so nobody cares,

stranded on an overcrowded island, the sky scarred with emergency flares,

justified by the concept of a falsely innocuous positivity, everyone believes they contribute more to society than take away,

our only inalienable rights are to be born and to die, to live and disappear behind each situational fake display,

regardless of whether it hurts or not, medicine prolongs those last steps into the basement,

each downward movement on each rickety plank, each year, cheek and forehead blemishes resembling cratered face lint,

every distraction propels the life-clock forward, secretly refuels our booster jets as we each race to the pitch black,

before, there only existed the endless possibility in non-existence, i contemplate daily the choice to switch back,

nah, i'm just a coward who finds comfort in knowing the greatest power i have lies my own erasing,

god, fate, chance - all three exhibit an expertise in mismanaging, misfiring and misplacing,

i walk the thin, perforated line between bitterness and the mystery of insouciance,

the miracles of the day, making an impact equivalent to my de-clawed cat's dusty paw prints.

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