Maybe some day you'll be able to see

All this bottled up pain

you continuously cause me

Every night I hope for a change

And every night it's just the same

A man stumbles through the door

Drunken and glossy eyed.

I've asked him many times

To promise me a difference

And each of those instances

I've never seen a change

There's no way in making a drunk man hear you

The only one who can change oneself

Is the person who wants to change

Empty thoughts and selfless nights

Poured into this man who can't see what I see

This hungering pain of deception

And promises made, but never kept

When questioned of this

he denies he ever said a thing

To go on much longer would be wrong to myself

Wrong to my child, and a lie in my life

I'm no longer happy, no longer satisfied

What once was an adventure

Seems to be a current misconception

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written in 2007 or 2008

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