I wrangled with the resonating gist
from the collide of such words rent
between two deep waters hailing
from  poetry's lake
owners of pens' with endless ink and wit
but I must for myself offer to inflect
a sorrowful soul do not have I
'To These Woods Of Life' I take to willingly trek
knowing by them my peace could never be
I will not fight nor neglect the world to which
I was sent
but immerse myself in its lessons
and love its every inmate though quite often
in a manner indirect
I will not aim to leave ere rise above the
confines of time and its meddlesome clocks
but mark the every row of my humbled journey
with glances to their time marking faces
when must tells me I should do so
I do not shun the chains I have been given
to wear while upon this wedge of sharp, worrisome,
perpetual human conflict
its all an illusion
made to seem so real
I am hardly a trapped victim no matter how vile
my prison of present circumstance
for I ,like all others moving about and
holding human form
am a willing volunteer
to this wonder and misery
God has given to me upon my own
will to request
so why struggle so with life
and be discontent
when in all actuality
you very likely asked for
in some form or another
all of this
which to both of you was sent
including the love
you so strongly have sought
who outlines
for you today
such a list....................
(Sept. 22,2010 120pm)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

my poetic reply to fellow Post Poem's poets Muhammad Naveed Ahmed's Poem 'Where To From Here' with Deborah Russell's poem in reply to it titled 'In Sky's Caress'

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