Yes, You Move Me..

What I say..your so hot..yes, you move me..I can't stop..My big you make me hot..I believe..What I so my sweet..such a thrill..I dream of you..letting go..You wont I flow..You fine lady..this I wrapped on me..I would go..Seeping in you..deep from me..turn you would be..Taking in..all of me..its your love..I love to see..Holding me you the will be..Not letting up..I wont do..until I finish..loving you..Take you slow..through the your it right..From behind..or you on letting go..all your flow..This I see on me..all your passion..setting free..You so warm and wet..I love will flow..from above..Shower you..with all of me..or be inside..let it be..You my lover..its what you build me up..inside its true..And when its let go..just for love will show..All of you..I dream to and night..I will come through..

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