If I Am to Lose These Eyes

If  I am to lose these eyes

Strip me then now of these lies


Take me to this darkness wonder

In harmony of the black of slumber

Forever to stay shut, anchored in a sea under

and yet though, I do not believe in such thunder


You can take me away from one thing

But I will find a way to still chirp and sing

You can take my legs and swallow love's promised ring

But I'll still find a way to flap a broken wing


And if I am to die..?

I can walk away, with open eyes.

day off




a rumpelstiltskin-esque slumber,




              awakens me,


a barefoot stance, 

      stretching dance,





to the kitchen 


checking mail,

    the percolator accompanies







   a yawning



life is good.


10:50 PM 7/7/2013 ©


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