Blackspeare S.A

Walking Pass Me The Old Man Looked At Me As Of Lost.


Stunned I Stood There Looking Back At Him, He Stared.


He Did Not Flinch For A Second I Saw He Recalled On Something When He Looked At Me Calmly.


I Still Wondered What It Was He Had Locked In His Mind.


As I Was Lost He Seemed To Had Come To His Sense Of Use Of Words.


He Still Stared I Smiled As I Stared Back At Him And Asked “Madala What Is It?


With A Smile He Responded With Just A Few Words That Left Me Lost.


He Said “I Too Was As Young As You At Once.


With A Smile He Walked Away, Those Words Are Looked In My Psych.


It Is Amazing How We As Youngans Tend To Waste Our Time On Things That Matter Less.


Madala’s Words Left Me With A Mind To Make Sure I Spend My Time On Things That Matter.


Not Forgetting To Enjoy Myself On The Way But Work To Achieve As Much As I Can As I Am Still Fresh.


Dankie Madala I Gave You A Name Because I Didn’t Get Your Name.


I Promise To Make Sure To Live To Those Words As My Time Decays.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Meeting With A Stranger And Get Wisdom Out Of Words Recited By Them.






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Motivation Prayer

Give me the strength to work hard,

help me to stop being passive and see things

as they are 


I am afflicted with this disease

to put things off until later,

bare minimum that is how I do things


Help me to change this

and help others who struggle

with finding the will


These nihillistic and hedonistic

tendencies are so hard to shake,

like my body frozen in a place


In your name I pray,

show me the way,

and help me to change




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I will Never Stop

I will never stop,

Chasing my dream for even a second,

No matter how many mountains,

I have to ascend!


I will never rest like Aesop’s hare,

And prefer to keep,

Moving since I have,

“Miles to go before I sleep”.


I know that nothing goes in vain,


I do reckon that success will come as the rain!

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Within My Own

A being sewn with fine broken lace and without any eyes

Worn and torn, thus broken and weathered by years of many lies

Clings onto the forgotten but once noticed shelf just once more

Before the time comes to be shattered by the reality and the floor


I dare not speak of the past and the tunes played

But to mention the emotions that filled up this now empty room ,and warmed the hearts of many, once important but now meaningless

Comes now the cold and wicked air of the fallen and betrayed


She begs me now not to go back,

But I must travel the past once more

The confidence was there but now today I lack

because I fail to recognize when to shut the door


What was now alive is long gone, and dead

As we sing for another day, while someone else loses their head

The unspeakable and unmentionable becomes now our vision

We ignore and feign ignorance to proceed with our own decision


Greed is right behind my shoulders

I say that I must not become like the rest of the world

I try to kill the dark behind me but wait another day once more

I ripped the happiest moments from the book of memories

to hold it dearly, but it blocks my path today as huge boulders


As you try to lock the door

Something whispers faintly but ever so determined to your ear

"Do not dare forget, but do not be sore."

"The present dies, but a future born does not represent fear"

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If I Am to Lose These Eyes

If  I am to lose these eyes

Strip me then now of these lies


Take me to this darkness wonder

In harmony of the black of slumber

Forever to stay shut, anchored in a sea under

and yet though, I do not believe in such thunder


You can take me away from one thing

But I will find a way to still chirp and sing

You can take my legs and swallow love's promised ring

But I'll still find a way to flap a broken wing


And if I am to die..?

I can walk away, with open eyes.


I may be under this small roof today
I don't care, I am on a translational wheel
I believe would propel me to a greater height

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Love Hate Relationship

Feels like I’m being tore in two. As that creature of habit wears into you.
Same shit, day in and day out. Nothing changes with pleasure or shout.
The days go by and you’re still the same. Drowning your thoughts with electronic chains.
“Relax, relax, relax, I just want to relax.” You’ve been ‘relaxing’ for days, you’re driving me insane.
The light from your screen blurs what you see. Nothing around you is clicking up stream.
You torture me with your sloth, and pride. I've never loved and hated someone so much.
I don’t want perfect. I don’t need perfect.
I need peace. Peace of mind you’ll help when I need. That you’ll be aware of the scene. That you know what’s at stake. That I know you are headed for your dreams, instead of you making me want to pull my hair out and scream.
But all you do is sit and wait. Make a move, show that you’re true.
Don’t wait for me to leave you behind, wishing I hadn’t given you a second of my time, for you to turn around and learn what you had to do, when this whole time I have been telling you.
Your games, your internet, it’s all a drug, and you don’t even know you’re addicted.
Saying others are scumbags because of their need, while blocking yours out by the lights of that goddamn screen.


There is always a front,
followed by quiet games which
loop and spiral, attractively,
and suddenly you're just
infuriated, and alone.

When the stillness settles in and
you're confounded by silence,
you stop your attempts
to make sense of the time,
and linger.

Then you'll be stirred by
some dread-stricken fit
of restless insomnia, emboldened
by nothing, the absence,
the space.

Which, if you're lucky,
will force you to build, if only
to utilize all combustion within you.
You will expend yourself wise,
and lay beneath shelter.

You'll stop making sense,
turn to the familiar and lament;
at last you'll find a place to settle,
and you'll grow fat,
and tired.

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Lets fight

No where to run, no where to hide
I'm trapped from all the side,
This time it’s not just a rollercoaster ride,
I don’t see any source of light,
Yes, the time has come for me to fight.

I’m not a fortune teller who can foresee,
It’s a competitive world I want to grow like a tree.
My opponent is tough so let him be,
I know I can win because my opponent is Me.

Success wont come knocking on my door,
I wont progress sitting on the floor.
I have changed my way of looking at thing,
I wont talk but instead my efforts will sing.

I need to move out of my comfort zone,
Stop trusting my fate. Future, will write my own.
I'll be walking till the hit my destination,
I ain't scared of nobody, have got my determination.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hope you all like it