If you're going to make a diss and call it poetry then at least rhyme.

Everything you just said was a lie. Maybe it's time I take you on a ride.

You used to confide in me but now I'm going to drown you in a sea with words.

A hateful stare is the last thing you'll see.

You're fucking Eighteen and to be discreet.

No one treats you as a queen because you're mean.

Anger consuming me.

My skins turning green.

That's why I'm here. Or there. Fuck it. Im everywhere.

After this I guarantee you'll be scared.  

You work at a Christian school. You don't even
Believe in religion you fucking fool. Hypocrite.

You're fucking desperate but to every boy you've dated you've been treated as a tool.

You're always so inconsiderate. Say I'm full of bullshit.

Calm down hunny don't throw a fit. You don't want to get hit.

Just kidding. I don't hit girls but I will spit.

I think it's time I turn this shit lit and display my wit.  

So where you at kinz. You still wanting that Mercedes benz.

Got this hand full of pens.

About to write about this hinge.

Holding my hand.

You were wearing that rubber band.
Told my friend that we should start a band.

Pretended to care but you lied to me and I got canned.

Rammed my fist in a wall. I was 5 feet tall.

A Mirror in the hall
Ugly and I wanted to crawl
Away from the pain. Please call

No. not my number. My step dad will pin me to a wall
You made me fall. Im down.
Meanwhile you’re downtown
Shopping in the mall.

With your boyfriend Michael
Who would treat you like goddess
But you’re like a narwhal
Majestic but Sadistic

Sick cause I still think you’re fantastic
Unfathomable how your feelings are like plastic
Bombastic. You’re magic is drastic
But you’re so fucking sarcastic

Elastic. Color guard and gymnastic
Tragic how you lied but you’re so enthusiastic
Scholastic. Not the best grades but I am so onomastic
Let me tell you what you’re name means

I’m not writing this to be mean. You’re the favored one
Theres only a few I could say that I loved a ton
We had so much fun. 6 years hun.
Everything you said seemed like a pun

Funny but Meaningful
Like a bunny you jump around
but you hop to one guy to the next
You lie when you say Michael hit you around. He never raped you. He never abused you. Do you understand this context?

I hope this has weighed a thousand pounds
I can feel your heart break
every time you feel like you’ve found the one
But you started when you were young

Like a nun.
But not loyal to the big one.
You will find none

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I wonder how a person could lie like this!

She even leaves Mir Jafar behind,

When it comes to lying,

How mean she truly is!


She should be ashamed of the falsehood,

That keeps on coming out of her mouth,

Like the lava from the volcano,

An icon of deception who knows no good.


God shall do justice one day,


For all her evil deeds she will have to pay.

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One Wonders

One  Wonders!


One wonders where you must be sleeping tonight

To dare send a short and mild good night.

Let' s guess, maybe another liked tenant

Who probably is neither as important. 

Be sure to clean the sheets well

Before you come ring this door bell.

You know pretty well that she may be a realist

She demands, to be removed off this list.

Don't think that she is jealous 

It might be better to cut the scorpio loose.

Often we ask why this , why that

'Cause we never  accept our part.

You know very well that she is a realist

Please be sure to take her off this list.

One wonders who must you bepimpin' like a knight

To dare send a simple short good night.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 03/24/2015

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When I say the magic word, 

all of this can end. 


After the news I heard today, 

I know exactly where we stand. 


You won't even see it coming, 

It'll be a quick blow to the head. 


Was all this pain really worth it,

when you tried to lay in her bed? 


Even though I hate the bitch,

I'm glad she stood her ground. 


I wish I could have seen your face

when she "sadly" turned you down. 


Now everyone is talking 

you're the joke of the town


Where are you going to turn

now that no one is around?


None of this is my fault,

but I should have seen the signs.


Should have looked a little closer,

should have read between the lines. 


I thought we were in love

when I looked into your eyes.


But now I know it's true,

that even love is blind. 


The Worst of A Savage

I feel like I'm getting cut off the chord

Another guy's cheating on his girlfriend while he's bored

Lies to his good friend and runs off again anew

Leaves his friend to the wolves and what is true


To lie and kiss when you belonged to another
To take away a poor soul's virginity and have a 10th lover

All of this and more at once

Consecutively deceiving and ongoing months


I wonder just what is your problem?

To steal so many hearts and trap a robin

And feed the sickness to the sea of insanity

Starting another storm and change the skies to calamity


To taint another's love

and slit the throat of a peaceful dove

You set a storm in the deepest of hearts

and set wounds inside the most delicate parts

When will you ever seem to care or learn

Until the harsh fire inside of you ceases to burn


To turn yet another to stone

and eat the flesh and leave bare bone

Laying in the shadows waiting for the next poor soul to ravage

Clearly you fit the name, the worst of a savage




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I Look For Company in the Cracks

and he will leave me alone tonight

Again within my darkness, my question and fright

and again, again my emotions are denied

And again I pretend to be okay, when a heart is fried


I'd like to know just one thing

Will there ever be an answer to bring?

Night by night, without a knock on my door

Tears so frozen, still thoughts bringing me so sore


I embrace my shadows and what I have been ripped from

I try to look up to the sky, and yet there's still no sight of a visible sun

Your lies cloud the beauty from what I could see

Your lies take away from what I thought could be


and it's all so obvious, yet my boredom chooses to hold me up so

To the still of chained emotions, trying to grasp the shadows made of woe

and again, I still do not  know why

When my only entertainment is looking forward to another lie..


With your words draped in sweet clever disguises

Lead me only to questions and silent demises

You again speak of love so freely

But I can tell by your eyes you don't hold it dearly


and I'll wait intently again for more words to keep me company

So I can cling to something, someone, but instead I look forward to agony

It's something I don't quite understand

but it's the closest I have to someone else's hand


and he will leave me alone for another night

Still without another explanation, I cling to an empty sight




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The Call

I looked out to the ocean
Darkness is all I see
But then the Morning Star
Who died and lives for me
For now the night reigns
But for those who’ve been drawn
Do not give up hope
It’s darkest ‘fore the dawn

Cry out you traitors
Your power fails away
In the glory
Of my King’s face
Come back you rebels
Your Father loves you still
And sent His only Son
To bring life you don’t deserve

But be warned
Your cause will not prevail
For nothing can stand against my Lord
All your schemes will fail
Because He loves you
He has prepared a way
To escape His Holy judgment
And live with Him always

Come to the light my brothers
He’s paid the price for you
To give you freedom
But the chosen are few
Can’t you see the battle
That’s waged for your soul
You’re on the losing side
Your “prince” will eat you whole

Listen to this rally
To save yourselves
To give you life
To save your soul from Hell

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Beautiful the Blood

I thought he was a teacher
A prophet some would say
Or a great man of his time
But these I throw away
For if He’s not who he said
He was a liar or a madman
But I know He is God


And this was always part of the plan

But we did not understand
Through our blindness could not see
Through our deafness could not hear
God, this man could not be!

And so he was condemned
Though He never did a wrong
And we hung Him on a cross
A pole to sky was long

And like the snake of Moses
Between Heav’n and Earth his weals
Were lifted above the people
That their sins would heal

How beautiful the blood
That fell to the ground
How freeing were the thorns
That pierced His noble brow
How unrecognizable the face
Of my great King
Who for the love of us
Gave everything


He died that very day
And I buried Him in the ground
I thought it all was over
Then an empty grave we found
He lives forevermore!
He died and rose for me!
And all so I could be
Restored to His family


Now I cannot stop
From saying what I’ve seen
That I saw my Savior die
To rise as my King!
Now whether it is right
To believe you or God
I will tell everyone
Both here and abroad.

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Temporily Caged

Trapped in here, your chains are
Wrapped around me, and I can't even
Breathe, you're choking me, you think that I'm
Weak because I won't say the words out loud. I know you'd
Hate me if I told The Truth to you, but now I'm not
Afraid because I'm stepping out, I'm gonna
Escape the looks: Hate, Pain, even Trust. I know you
Love me in your own way, but it's not
Enough to make me stay this way, because it's
Rough when all I am is nothing but a
Lie. I can't keep being fake, I'm nothing but a hypocrite and I'd rather
Die than spend my life in a cage.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

So this is the first poem that I've ever made public in any way, so yeah, I have no fingernails left, which is probably a tiny bit melodramatic (and disgusting) but whatever.

This poem is about being trapped inside of an image that other people have made for you (in my case, parents) and well as much as I loathe the idea of becoming one of those people that are constantly asking people to comment on their stuff I really would appreciate feedback.

Oh yeah and my punctuation and sentence structure is horrendous but I really couldn't care less. Ciao

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