Orchestrated Flowers







Orchestrated Flowers


There are fake people

in terms of situations,

and the way they live

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is just another of my haiku practice poems that I've decided to compose one time.  The theme could be as clear as day & has an equally clear metaphor if not in your face, crystal clear allusion to social realities (or, at least, the conscious thought of it).  The simple goal was to enrich my poetic know-how in terms of understanding both the deep and surface aspects of language & meaning (in light of some of Chomsky's take on Linguistics vs other theories of language).  The English words could involve various elements/parts from my general use and those might include the semantic & semiotic relationships.  Simplistic and shallow as it may seem, with my learning objectives in mind, to capture the real essence of a haiku (while I'm on this undertaking) could be deemed worthwhile even though I pretty much have believed beforehand that I have not even gotten closer to my goals, as far as how the Japanese poets have done their haikus is concerned (the original Japanese approach to poetry).  The reason, I have always believed it to be, was about my turn of mind (as compared to theirs, the very Japanese people/poets/artists)..or other influential factors within one's own mental environment.  Thank you for looking on!

Gorgeous revenge

The severity of the situation is reaching an all time hi

should I violently react or just let it fly?

your engorged words have pierced the innocent ghost

a 40 ton wieght of revenge is what would get me off the most

if I choose the darkened path my future will cease to exist

however the beautifully dressed possibilty of revenge is at the top of list

like a beast in the night, a monsters dreams, like a lions roar

maybe someday I'll have no choice but to deliver death to your door. 


the transition


We treat it as if  it was something negative and unfair
Our deeply ingrained hour glass is natures gift
From the moment of birth our flesh and bone battery slowly drains
One by one our senses flicker like an old light bulb
Acres of stone reminders are in every community
A passing thought before we fall asleep
A written article in the news paper
How and when are the always on the menu
Our feeble attempts to hide from the ghost of inevitability
Trying frantically to choke the life out of mama truth
Ok, alright, I give up! I'm taking the ride!

What Is A Dream?

A dream is an idea of how something should be, 

Regardless if it comes to fruition. 

A visionary is a dreamer that actually does it,

A realist is a dreamer that acts on results

Of a feasibility study, not a spell from a cult,

And many dreamers are talkers, not doers.

Fantasies are things the fantasizer creates 

With his or her imagination,

With awareness that it is a fantasy,

Not a reality, and when people get lost 

In their fantasies,

Delusions are usually the cost.




© 2013

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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My Personal Faves

slippery, unclean
and i can't scratch i wont!


professional perfect happy

figured out -

this specific culture controls
unfavorably, unfitting
escape i , i...

a plane can take me away from monotony
new eyes,
tongues and bodies
no new humanity
all of humanity
is one
each individual struggles
with the sameness of their own soul
their biases, weaknesses
do I learn from them?
seek new experiences and hope to grow?
does anyone really grow and change
does my willingness to ask display immaturity and childish behaviors?


i want to sing on my roof naked when the sun comes up
and goes down
and go down
and go down
and go down
on my boss
in public
in private

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