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My Five Day Hallucination

It was Day 1 when it was scorching hot and we crossed paths.

I was looking for an oasis to drink from,

Though a hug from you was a thousand times better

Because afterwards, we went swimming in the lake and laughed at the gold diggers passing by.

Poor men were oblivious that they mined their last nugget in this desert.


It was Day 2 when we continued our journey.

You introduced me to your bitches when you brought me home.

One licked me silly while the second took a while to come around.

It was only trying to judge me to see if I would be a menace to your family.

I’ve always liked the playful, funny, and carefree breeds.


It was Day 3 when you showed me your larger-than-life garden.

You spoke of how your brother and mother had toiled day and night tending to it.

The garden was shaped like the number 5 and I couldn’t be happier.

You regaled me with stories of an ancient civilization that once existed in this land of the dead.

Every word from your tongue between breaths was like a missing page in a book lost in time.


It was Day 4 when I crawled on my knees after a beating from a two-faced sergeant

Looking for you so you could lift me back on my two feet and hold me close

But to add insult to injury, you held your scorn like you should’ve held my hands.

So I passed out on the floor and was left for dead out in the open.

How do indecisive weeds like you sleep at night?


It was Day 5 when I woke up expecting you’d be there, but your home was empty.

Your garden was withered and the magic was gone so it turns out that it was all a mirage.

You can rationalize your actions and demonize me any way you like,

But when you save your second thoughts for one minute before midnight,

It’s goodbye and good riddance to you weeds.


So I left. It was better for me to abandon you before you inevitably did the same.

The world is full of snakes and trojans as it is.

It’s best for me to give them a dose of their own venom as soon as I see right through them.


You should’ve told me earlier rather than at the last minute.

Or when I have fallen and can’t get up.

Then maybe we could’ve still been friends.

But now you’re just another silhouette that shears hearts like hedges.


If you’re looking to post an ad requesting company in a moment of loneliness,

Think again before you shatter another heart or wager your sanity.

A weed ain’t cut out for love, let alone a friendship

If it can’t make up its mind and let its loneliness fog its judgment.

Poor guy should’ve inspected the thorns before he picked the rose.


Now it’s my turn to wager a few things,

I bet you don’t even miss me.

I bet you feigned regret that you added salt in the wound.

I bet that you’ll forget all about me after the weekend I disappeared.

I bet you’ll cower in the arms of the two bitches you value most in life.

I bet you’ll start looking for another soul that you’ll pray to Aphrodite you won’t screw over.

Whatever happens to you, I am grateful that I have kin to keep tight

And an adventure I continue to embark on in the desert with or without you there for me.

You’re just another silhouette that shears hearts like hedges.

Pit Bull Saturday

Pit Bull Saturday

what a day

muscular animals

seeking meat

seeking friendship

wearing iron collars

and the people hollar

what a day

muscular animals

with strong jaws

and tender paws

Pit Bull Saturday

the day dogs

have it

their way

Author's Notes/Comments: 

just a short dog poem for the weekend

April's an evil bitch in heat

You can do this

So much space now

April's showers mock the salty puddles under your face

Too much pain to turn the pillow over

They go into heat in April

Sowing wild oats, too selfish to think of how they are hurting their best friends

She is cursed, this April month like she's always been

Some of you already know

You get to finally find out who your friends were not

Some of your friends survive another blessed April

Life because she needs to feed on the death

Before she can deliver her wrath

Got all this space made for more than just you

Got nothing holding you back or up

Grab your device, go to work, sleep and repeat

Until April returns again, gear up with friends to spare

It isn't you.  It's not even them

But you are right, it is like you are being tortured

Left with so much strength and space and truer, fewer friends




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Still alive

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Like Cats and Dogs

Gabriela Jaime A01192597

Jose Luis Valencia A00820392


It is the year 2687 and humans have been eradicated from the face of the earth, their excessive pollution and continuous wars has taken care of them. At the end of The Old World, the human species lacked compassion towards their brothers and sisters, which was another reason that led them to extinction. Just some instants before the last human heart stopped beating, they observed what their unconsciousness and apathy had led to. Before them laid a destroyed world; one without a trace of drinkable water, no uncontaminated vegetables and cows have been long gone before that. Half of the flora in the history of humanity is either extinct or has mutated to this point. A few months have gone by since the last human heart stopped beating, and the animals that had gone into hiding are starting to come out of their safe place. Now, on the planet formerly known as earth, there is nothing left but animals and nature. It is a new beginning for whatever flora and fauna is left.

After the extinction of humans, animals started to speak in a long-forgotten language which allowed everyone to understand each other. After a few months went by all animals were able to understand each other. Cats and dogs took it upon themselves to make sure that the planet was well taken care of, after all they were the closest animals to humans and they were the ones who had a better idea of what society should be like. Cats and dogs took it upon them to organize The New World, but some animals didn’t believe in them, because history has shown cats and dogs rarely get along. So they questioned cats and dogs’ ability to run a functional society.

A meeting was held and all the animals were to express their opinions on what cats and dogs wanted to do with society. Horses, birds, foxes, and all of the animals that were left showed up in the remains of what used to be the Great Bear Rainforest.

“The session is about to begin, please be kind enough and take your places at once.” Said a german shepard, with an authority characteristic to its bark.

“Who is he?” Said a mighty persian cat.

“He’s the leader of the dogs, his calls himself Prometheus.” Said a skinny little egyptian Sphynx

“Can the leader of the cats stand up.” Demanded Prometheus.

A white fluffy British shorthair, with eyes so golden they competed with the sun, came forward.

“My name is Brahma leader of the cats” Said the British shorthair.

“Could I have a moment with you alone Mr. Brahma.”

“Sure thing, let's go to a more secluded place.”

Prometheus and Brahma walked to a secluded place, behind some trees where they couldn’t be seen by the crowd, and left everybody else in what was left of the Great Bear Rainforest. Time went by and the two leaders seemed to be taking their time. The crowd began to whisper things among themselves. Both cats and dogs were worried but they kept calm, until the cry of an animal was heard.

“He probably just ate him and he’s just waiting for everybody to leave so he can walk out freely.” said someone among the crowd.

The cats became more and more suspicious about what was going on on the “secluded place.” They  truly began to worry about their leader. An hour went by and one of the cats began to plot against the dogs in case Brahma did not came back. Nothing seemed to be happening so the cats began their sneaky little plan. As they whispered and began to outline their attack, they noticed that dogs were ready to counterattack. A cat picked up a fight with a dog in hopes of creating mayhem and distraction for his brothers to set in motion their plan. And just as the battle was about to get real, both leaders came out, without even so much as a scratch.

“My brothers and sisters,” Said Prometheus “This is what destroyed the human race.”

“If we are to build a new world —a new society– that runs with peace and harmony, we need to become bigger persons than they were.” Said Brahma.

And so Brahma and Prometheus stated the Postulates of The New Era, in which it clearly said animals weren’t to abandon their common language, for they must be able to understand their brothers and sisters —regardless of their fur. If conflict were to arise, no physical action will be taken, and in case any of their siblings were to break these, then the universe was going to collapse. Or so said the “prophecy” Brahma and Prometheus told to scare everyone in the world.

Years went by and animals lived in perfect harmony until one day Prometheus and Brahma had a disagreement, and like humans, they fought like cats and dogs, unable to resolve their problems, which further lead to the collapse of The New Era. And with it came the end of the Universe.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Moral: The best way to resolve a problem is by discussing it peacefully. Violence creates violence. Be tranquil, compassionate and kind.  

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My fur baby

My little love.

My furry one.

Such joy that I can feel.

You've snuggled right in to my heart.

I dread the day we should have to part.


Others may mock me all they wish.

I care not what they say.

Though you may to be of my flesh and blood.

Your my little one in every way.

So what if you aren't human.


There is no such thing as 'just a dog'.

Those who scoff will never understand.

Will never have the unique special bond.

The pureness of a fur babies love.

There is nothing sad in it at all.


You trust me wholeheartedly.

Love me unconditionally.

Protect me from anything.

Even the faintest of noises.

Your little eyes shining.


What would I ever do without you

How would my heart feel

My one who never judges me

I miss you even when your a room away

And love you more each day


So yes you may be a 'dog'

But its not pathetic to say

I love you as though you were created of me

Your paws a printed on my heart

And that's how it will always be



Author's Notes/Comments: 

How it feels to be a dog owner who loves their dog

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My Darling Sara



Long I looked into the night
weeping, wondering, worn and weary
of the search
the darkness pushing, pressing
down upon my soul
holding against me with unseen hands
in hope of having me fall in defeat

and under the moon's drooping sorrow
given to silence the sickness that still
ills my heart if I should hear her
voice no more

Through rotten woods of the rabid unknown
I travled far
fighting the fear that flooded
my veins should my nightmares
come alive in the night
and the howling cry of death's dogs
devour the remnats of my shattered soul

 The amber glow flickering in my hands
offered no relief leaving only
a dim light lingering on in front of
lost feet that may never find
thier true happiness
to be left seeking forever a faint echo

For many a second passed me by
crawling, creeping, carrying her away
into the nevermore
my maddness growing, growing
within wild, and wearing away
at the determination that once was
would I ever find her

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8 Poems

A dog is so cheaply bought.. He sells his heart
for all eternity for a handful of popcorn

(to Karin Anderson who has never said
no to a suffering being)

His dogs and cats cannot read.. save the script of his soul
They cannot write..except on his heart'
(T Zagar has for many years kept 3 fulltime jobs going
.... librarian, astrologer, and keeper of an animal
The dog was abandoned,
.. said the answering service,
on Howe Road.. She waited
at a telphone pole
for 48 hours. For 2 days she had
chased each passing car.
1000 times her heart rose
and fell
until she learned how not
to feel..

Later she found a happy
The roots of trust grew
but steadily..
as pain took many moons
to seep out of her

(to Constantina Fiorentino of Akron's Animal Aid
and all those involved in the rescue of animal or human refugees)


Black Hawk down.
Sikorsky profits up.


Food colorings
yellow and red and blue
It's time FDA corporate operatives
we overthrew

5 chemicals banned overseas and allowed in the US

yellow number 5
red number 40
Azodicarbonamide, also called the yoga mat compound because it’s used to make exercise mats, is found in hundreds of baked goods and TV dinners.
Brominated Vegetable Oil

not on the list:

Sodium nitrate, the red dye making gray meat look red, is not on the list

caramel color   in many sodas... cola companies have delayed its withdrawal


For the hungry
she provided food.
San Antonio Texas
made it her rood

San Antonio Texas has joined Canton Ohio in fining someone for feeding the hungry
The lady will appeal her $2000 fine as she cites the 1st amendment


Sid sowed seed
in the sod
on the side
of the house
for Sadie


As red hot lava turns to
translucent green jewels
while pouring into the sea,
so crystallizes poets' agony
into poetry
for you and for me.
My muse -Robert Anthony Maguire- (FrogAngel2) in I See The Real You
  'into a mind of poetic thought i peek I watch as it organizes pain into words'
Michael Wilson's  'a man's heart saddened is a poet's heart gladdened'


How many daisies
A daisy cutter bomb....

phoenix birds.


April 16 and 17 2015


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8 Poems: University Of Texas, Henry Spira Etc

Poem Strings

-saiom shriver-

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50,000 DOGS

It ticks us

that the


in Texas



and animal attacks

as research

profiteers at

dinners wear tuxes..



In the fall of 2008, 50,000 captive dogs being subjected to pain drowned

trapped in underground cages at the University of Texas

Thousands of mice and rats died in New York labs

during a hurricane.

Beagles have been the favorite victims of medical researchers at the Univ of Virginia


user img



avoids mad cow jello

and  eating

food dyes

red blue and yellow




Jello is made from gelatin which is the powder of mammal and bird bones

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Henry went to hospital
Twas Bethesda Naval
and took a picture of an ape
in a restraining chair.
And took it to an international
picture wire
called Black Star
which sent it round the world..
and Gandhi saw and knew
that the treaty had been violated
.. and cancelled monkey export
.. because Henry in 5 hours
.. saw and reached for
.. one bright and reachable... star!




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A Michigan goose

loves a Michigander


From Detroit to



do homage

to Michiganesh." style="margin-top:0px;" width="305" />

Michigan's vegetarrian physician John Harvey Kellogg MD found that within 4 hours after slaughter, the carcass of a murdered cow contained several billion ecoli (colon) bacteria.


Ellen White, vegetarian founder of the Seventh Day Adventists of Michigan, prophesied that in the 20th Century

dairy products would be so full of poison they should be avoided.

user img


As a rule,

big oil

has fake duels

with Congress

re fossil fuels











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God is infinite, eternal

unconditional, omnipotent,

omniconscious Love.

God all beings indwells

even those

in temporary hells


The way to heaven

is not a stairway

but a slide.

Holiness is letting go...

a very easy glide.



Thought the picture was funny though don't

agree with its conclusions.


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Court ordered desegregation
did not come easily to the South.
At some locations, small black
children had to walk past a gauntlet
of rifle toting white men yelling
hate words.

In one school, the blacks were
made to stand at the back of the class
ostensibly because there were not
enough seats.

In another, a small black girl
was alone in her quarter of the room,
the white children all having moved
their desks away from her.

Rocks were thrown and pittle
projected onto the black children.


In later years, one of the racists would

find his life saved by the intravenous

blood of a black man.

Footnote: The 1954 Supreme Court ruled

in regards to school segregation
that 'separate but equal' was unconstitutional.
The University of Virginia
Center For Politics produced a documentary
about those times.

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"The Star Of India

is within you."



to the heart of

his meditating






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