Silent Fireflies



The stars' silent light

winking through the night

Fireflies moving stars

Soundless is their light

as are the best teachers

whose auras without words

grant gifts of insight


Just For Fun

Like a star shining above

So you see the earth unlike others

A special insight into humanity

A breath of fresh air to poetry


Should a thought cross your path

Like a comet in the ether

You set it fully ablaze

With your fiery pen and pad





Sunny spacious green pasture

Cattle graze, downward gaze


Bound by firm barbed fences

A rancher ready to cash in


Another gaze at the chattel

As one turns to look at me


Kindred faces of captivity

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Happy Birthday on June 2nd (WARNING: EXPLICIT CONTENT)


                                 Happy Birthday on June 2nd


Happy Birthday!


Some escape some door to open


And today is your first day where you left my heart completely broken


I’m sitting here peering out the window thinking what was it all for


Every noise I hear, I think you are at the front door.


Happy Birthday my ex-love!


The way you treated me I truly didn’t deserve.


While I feel tortured you seem to remain completely unnerved


And while you’re in bliss and enjoying the revelry


My mind is stuck in the past, enjoying the reverie


Pleasure came easy to me but it was harder to please you


Sex was all too familiar to you when you had nothing else to do


But you will soon have to walk back over this same bridge again


Until that day, happy birthday on June 2nd


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skilled verbiage






a beggar's 


poor choice


rolls him 


gently from 


curb to 




as the wealthy


roll over


in interest.




cutting words


spoken with 




like an ice pic,


hold the gentle,


subtle power,


to leave cracks 


like fault lines


in ignorance


left from











5:23 AM 8/4/2013 ©








Author's Notes/Comments: 
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'Twas The Night Before Awareness








'Twas the night before awareness,

When all through the world,

The people were waiting,

For a magic wonderland to unfurl,

A sense of entitlement,

Covered the land,

Like a snow in the silence,

All possessions in hand.


Flowers are mulicolored,

Some vegetables have a strange hue,

The skies are polluted,

And the waterways are too,

Our lying little mouths 

Speak only of money,

And love is just something

When using words like "honey".


Teaching kids to expect,

That life will be easy,

They find out it's not,

And start living it cheaply,

Whine and complain

About their ways and behavior,

Giving them pills 

That don't work in their favor.


Sense of entitlement 

With morals askew,

This is me...

And yes, this is you,

Neglecting the things 

That are felt with the heart,

Buried in shame 

Real love hasn't a start.


Pain is a signal 

We learned to numb up,

Imbalances rampant,

We've all now cracked up,

Sensitivity is beautiful,

But pain has real purpose,

And it doesn't exist

Just to feel sorry for us.


But roses are so red,

And violets so blue,

In this world we create,

When we have eyes like a shrew,

We're the little old drivers,

Unable to see,

We're at a party with Alice,

And we ain't sippin' tea.


Addicted to poison,

We bid a good-night,

In hopes that Saint Nick

Will make everything right,

Our wondering eyes 

Have created a fear,

We can't possibly face

In a world we can't steer.


Pill after pill 

Dream after dream,

This is the way

That we kill self-esteem,

Removing the blinders

A wise thing that is taught

To do otherwise,

Is how we bury a thought.


Stress can be lethal,

And imbalance will thrive,

There are pills that can actually

Keep you alive,

But that doesn't mean

To ourselves we should lie,

And that pain, pain,

Will go away,

No pain, is something

That is here to stay.


4:33 PM 7/20/2013 ©


Inspired by Allets



Author's Notes/Comments: 


Just a little about how pain is always there, and what we focus on, is what we will get back. 


Experiential Learning For A World At War






This “War On Terror” and “The War On Drugs”

will just create a much more sophisticated kind of thug,

And though prison is big business in the “land of the free”, 

Let’s not run from the truth about these inmates I see.


All dressed up, 

In the latest warehouse gear,

With a touch of arrogance to cover the fear,

As they wait to be judged, the most of them find

their life has already been mapped out by society’s sick mind.

Yet they all wait in line, being tossed to the side,

And accept the sick way that we twist the word “guide”.


For some, they get more than life outside would have brought,

The foundations of love out here no longer taught,

Minimum, medium and maximum stays,

Rape the future of so many lost yesterdays…


Tomorrows unseen await mystically hid,

Will we find better ways to undo what we did?

Could we manage to open our hearts and our minds,

And be inspired to seek the intelligence meant for us to find?


Why do our schools neglect to educate?

Our young people are full of fear violence and hate.

But what could we expect?

Do we teach them to live lives of honesty, loyalty and compassion…?

Can we look in our OWN eyes and honestly say that we even HAVE this to GIVE??


Do we make a priority of things that we touch

With our heart… 

More important than the riches we clutch?

Do we emphasize kindness, not envy and greed?



We find it more important that they all learn to read.


In this land of the free and the home of the brave,

Do we teach independence to ones that fall astray?

Do we seek out the differences and build a firm base for a child that’s different?



We simply erase.


We erase all the beauty when we close our eyes,

when we don’t take the time to be patient and wise,

But diversity lives where possibility lies,

And another young life sees the warehouse disguise.


As I wait in this prison I envision a day,

When society sees the light I see today,

There are only two things that can happen ahead,

We can salvage what’s left of love…

Or render it dead…


In the hands of the children, sits diversity’s chance,

To uncover the genius within humanity’s dance,

And for us now the elders,

Our atonement could TRULY guide

all the lost that have suffered due to the sin of false pride.


If the true heart of liberty fosters the cure,

It will lead countries to peace and the world from all war,

If we help men let go of the pain from their past,

Brave new worlds will shine through on this Earth,



Copyright 2002

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I used wonder often..very often, how it is, that we can do so many unbelievable brilliant things, and discover so many things that make money---but we cannot figure out how to live in peace with each other. 



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Carousel Maze

Broken hearts,
The empty feeling of loss,
Its yearning,
Feeling abandoned,
And learning about loving,
And it's cost,
It comes in many ways,
Sometimes even death,
Broken friendships,
Disagreements, resentments,
Anger over a bruised ego,
Signals crisscrossed,
Abuses, and envy,
Arrogance and shame,
Riding this wild and vicious
Merry-go-round of blame,
Loved ones take sides,
Like a sing-a-long
To a skipping vinyl record
On an old broken down phonograph,
Dissonant and harsh.


We try to get back
What we feel has been taken,
And get rid of the feeling
Of being forsaken,
Like when waking from a dream,
In horrid surprise,
We are sure it's not real,
And that it must be a guise,
Our ego is bruised,
We're confused,
We battle with hate and revenge,
Only to find many times in the end
It's ourselves we despise.


I've ended my share,
Without a care,
Thinking it fair game,
Because people had done it to me, just the same,
Like  circus mimes, we are,
Going through the motions
Of the drama it leaves behind,
In many ways, so unkind,
Always arriving at the same
Ticket booth for one more time
Until we question our own motives,
And finally decide,

...that life is too short to keep riding the same ride.



6:16 PM 5/18/2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The repeated cycle of attracting the same unhealthy relationships.

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For As Long

For as the days and weeks pass, and the years and aeons
Follow their destiny into the universe, traveling the planets,
There will be a growing number who call on Jupiter, Mars,
The voiceless sparks of light, and love, in the stars,

For as long as we relentlessly continue
To trade insight and inspiration for revenge,
Hiding behind the suffering of Jesus, crucified,
Still, to this day, adamant refusal, to remove him from the cross,

Using his life to excuse our misgivings,
Ignoring those here, to maintain our style of living,
Injecting his pain into each child on Earth,
Negating the Divine, and worse....negating every child's worth,

For as long as we blindly submit to the past,
We neglect what is here, stones repeatedly cast,
Spitting on the dream of unity, and more,
We will always be wondering why we can't even the score,

For as long as we stay boldly and stubbornly sure,
Humanity's true potential will be lost into the wars... is so much more.



4:44 PM 4/20/2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is about the ever growing ignorance toward our connection to Divine Intelligence and compasssion and insight lived out as virtues, and not just words.

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