I could have never imagined a love like ours

I could have never imagined the feel

Of losing myself so completely in the passengers seat

Letting you take the steering wheel


I could have never imagined the heartbreak

I could have never imagined the pain

Of losing my breath when I thought of you

Couldn’t bear even saying your name


I could have never imagined talking to you again

I was determined to be self-fulfilled

I settled for half of a sunshine

Half of a heart was all I could yield


But perhaps that’s because we grow up

And our imaginations go dim

We sink to the demise of reality

Instead of ripping it apart at the hem


My imagination brought me solely here

To a world full of all my dreams

Bright with color, majestic sounds

Where dancing abounds,

And the most gorgeous flowers bloom year round


My soul has ceased to frown

When your powerful wave washes over me

I could have never imagined that I’d

Swim, not drown


For now I carry you in my heart

It’s a hell of an imagination, I agree

But you fit there perfectly

In my (imagination’s chosen) untainted memories


This life I love and the peace in my soul

May not always win the war

Reality is a fierce competitor, yet to it I shut the door

I shut my eyes and my own world begins to rise

With it, the brightest sun

My world is what I make it

And my imagination has won.

Sing Alone

Stars gather then drift-
Wandering in the endless sea of fascination.
Polishing fellow seekers with their dust of wonder. 
Adorn, those who are blessed to come in contact.
... Do you see them?
Craddled in the hands of the solar system.
Have you heard them?
Sadly, these beams go unseen.
For you'd rather glide alone.

Too Bad

I speak my mind.

Don't like it?


Too bad.


I bear you my soul.

Don't like it?


Too bad.


I believe that all beings and 

life forms are all the same, 

and different, 

at the same time, 

and that we are slowly losing 

our connection to this concept 

as a species, and it is destroying us.

Don't like it?


Too bad.


I believe there is a sanctity 

that lies within each individual,

every animal,

every life form.

Don't like it?


Too bad.


Don't like my

style of self-expression?

My authenticity?

My 'attitude'?

My disgust with closed-minded people?

My honesty?

My truth?


It's just plain too bad.

I love yours, and I hope 

one day we can meet halfway.



4:20 PM 6/28/2013







Author's Notes/Comments: 

"too bad"


Berlin, you sing with chords of afflicting silence, 

Your soundless voice an ominous whisper among your darkened alleys.

Fragile moon, watch from above with a shepherd's eye as I wander;

Give the mountains the shades of nightfall; walk as my cryptic shadow.


Berlin, drape the velvet skyline on thy shoulders,

Hide us from this arctic wind that cuts with a thousand razors.

Quiet ambience, cradle the valleys, the ancient Juniper, the stars of space,

Guide me as thy maverick, take me far away.


Berlin, as my footsteps become distant echoes on your boundaries,

I can hear your whisper, your voice of sweet summer rain.

Venerable mountains, as I become lost between your aphotic stones,

May thou watch over Berlin as she dreams in a perfect silence.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Tell me what you think!

Independent and Lonely

She is out in the world, an independent
Paying her bills, getting her hair and
nails did, you know...fancy!
So irresistible, men adore' her, women
envy her-
Education established, a successful
career, a house, and cars to show it
She befriends everyone she meets, a
style so unique, critiques do not bother
Intimidating sight, knees tremble at her
side. The life of the party, pictures
capture the moment.
After a hard days work or the night life,
she goes home to the emptiness of her
A refrigerator stock with food, but no one
to share a meal with, a warm fireplace to
cuddle in the winter, but no one to cuddle
with or share a glass of Moscato.
She watches movies in bed alone, it is
in this loneliness when she cries herself
to sleep, willing to give everything for
a heart to love her.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Independence with no love is prison.

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Let Me Be Me

Simply Growing Up

Its a shame, the world these days.
Trying to convinve me to change my ways.
Don't hold your breath,
You might catch death,
Waiting for a change.
You will soon see,
How stubborn I am,
If you try to mess with my ways.
The world isn't perfect,
And that includes you.
So make your time worth it, and catch a clue.
I'm not what you want me to be, and I will never.
I contain my flaw on purpose, now and forever.
So forget about it.
Through up your llittle white flag and quit.
And through our gunsmoke you'll see, why I am me.

I am who I am, and that will never change.
The world goes up and down, yet I remain the same.
We are who we are, and if you agree.
Smile and yell out loud "let me be me!"

I will never bow, give up, or quit.
My life's not perfect, but it will fit.
And in your eyes, there's no surprise:
You want it the way you want it.
Well the world again isn't perfect,
And it wouldn't be worth it if it was anyways.
So you can stand down,
I'm standing my ground and I will never give in to your ways.
And this is for everyone who knows this feeling:
I will just grin and say:

I make mistakes,
With some paths I take.
I like it this way,
I want this to stay.

Let me be me,
Because we are who we are.

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235 years of independence

Today is July the 4th and millions of Americans are celebrating.
We got independence in 1776 and that's something I'm not understating.
Many people will be shooting fireworks tonight.
When I light my bottle rockets, they will take flight.
I'm really looking forward to firing off Roman Candles.
But fireworks can be dangerous if they're mishandled.
Celebrating the fourth of July sure does make a lot of sense.
For two hundred and thirty-five years we've had independence.

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