I think of you now and then,

Gravity pulls us together,

Thoughts of you,

Made from broken parts,

I look into your eyes,

Passion and love inside,

Scared to let it out,

Bruised and scarred,

Life can be cruel,

You dont have to hide,

The walls you have made,

Let me inside,

I can show you its not so bad,

Hold your heart gently in my hands,

Kiss it tenderly,

Never break it or hurt you,

I couldnt do that,

Not to you,

Things I can show you,

Love and understanding,

Its like you are here with me now,

Beside me on the bed,

Instead of just in my head.

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Have you ever…


Thought someone cared,
And then they didn’t?
Thought you cared,
And you didn’t?


Would you ever…


Trust someone,
If you knew they didn’t care?
Be entrusted,
When you know you don’t care?


Why do we…


Lead each other on?
Break each other’s hearts?
Crush each other’s hopes?
Leave each other broken in the dust?


Why do we pretend
To care at all.

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The Beauty in Love & Art

I doubted I would find real, mutual love for the longest time.

That is only because I've looked in the wrong places and have fallen hard every time I thought

I found a missing part of me.


The problem with me is I don't fit in when I'm in any other group.

All around me in my daily life, I end up doing things I didn't want to do.

My life is getting stuck between a rock and a hard place when I choose

To be something I feel is right for me.


You're not hard to please for you are a fellow artist who shares my passion and attraction.

We color each other's worlds and we help each other out when we need it the most.

I give you my passion and you give it back in return.

We are not dependent on one another because we can take care of ourselves.


The sea leads to many places and although I have not landed where I needed to go,

You found me and led me in the right direction.

With you and me together, "lost" has no meaning.

We are simply taking our time to get to where we need to be.


The forsaken world and everything that was wrong with it will be far behind

Once I leave what destroyed me before and look for who I am.

The chains that keep me from breathing no longer exist

When I am somewhere else in the consciousness hidden within.


The art I color is vital to me as taking a breath.

Likewise, the more we are next to each other,

The more I see how selfless and warmhearted you are.


The way you treat me thaws my own heart until there is a flame that surrounds it.

A flame that only burns when you and I continue to bond.

Only you can see and feel how special it is to me that you make me feel that way.

I dream of us meeting face to face so we can make our artistic worlds come to life.


You teach me many things that I hold onto in my life.

Being with you helps me resist temptation that hinders my goals.

Speaking my tongue to you helps me become wiser in knowing the right things to say.

Presenting my own art to you helps me gain the courage to keep blossoming until my colors bloom like summer flowers.

More importantly, revealing my hopes and dreams to you gave me the escape from misery I longed to achieve.


In return for your kindness, I give you my passion and complete our missing soul.

To truly build up trust, all we have to do for each other is stay and that's what I will do for you.

Love that never fades

Hello my love, not long it has been
I wish my love had died for it to be easier to wean
I messed up once and forever paid the the price
I guess you could say I always rolled the dice
It's like a game of blackjack it was all based on luck
but it was always worth the risk, I didn't give a fuck
I have thought and fought with love itself
The heartache is not good, it can mess with your health
Right at the start I had butterflies
Moments that I somehow, memorise
I wish you were back but i know its no more
Head and Heart fighting, it feels like a war
I know this means nothing but I love you
and I know that this is long overdue
But within my heart you will always stay
and this is a price I'll forever pay
One last word for my long living love
My heart and your heart fit like a glove
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সে অনেক যত্ন করে আমার,

একজন মা যেমন রাখে খেয়াল তার শিশুটার,

ঠিক তেমনই চোখে চোখে রাখে সে আমায়,

আমাকে চোখের আড়াল করতে কভু সে না চায়।


খোঁজ নেয় ক্ষণে ক্ষণে,

যান্ত্রিক স্পর্শফোনে,

আমি খেয়েছি কিনা সময়মত,

তরকারি কম হয় নি তো?


সে আমায় এত ভালোবাসে!

ভাবি একলা ধ্যানমগ্ন সাধুর মত বসে,

এত আবেগপূর্ণ মেয়ে, এত দয়াময়ী!

দেখিনি কভু আমি, ধন্য ভাবি নিজেকে তাই।


সে নিঃস্বার্থ ভালোবাসার আরেক নাম,

নিজের স্বার্থের নেই কোনও দাম,

অন্যের উপকারে পায় স্বর্গীয় প্রশান্তি,

উদারতার মহাসাগর সে, নেই কোনও কমতি।


আমি তাকে ভালোবাসি,

তার শিশুর মত সরলতা আমায় টানে বেশী,

একদিন না দেখলে তাকে,

মনে হয় নরক এসে দিচ্ছে দাওয়াত যেন আমাকে!

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*You're A Special Friend*



 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


A special friend in hand

Not only to be a friend

But to be a caring man

One that's true till the end


One who'll be there to show

Everything he has to offer

One that's always willing to grow

One that is a true lover 


As you get older 

You'll learn to take a risk

But just remember if you are down

You have my shoulder

To lean on whenever you wear a frown


You're a special friend

One that I can count on

A friendship I hope will never end

One that can not go wrong

My hugs and kisses I'll always send

Our love will always be strong

Our friendship isn't pretend 



not done yet 


Author's Notes/Comments: 

this poem isnt done yet. i got writers block again

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*Presents Under The Tree*

December.24.2000 @ 11:55am 
Trisha M Barrek Hopkins

Waking up on christmas day 
Seeing presents under the tree 
Thank you santa is what I say 
Bringing presents for you and me 
That is how you show your love that way


Smiles on peoples faces 
The shine in their eyes 
On christmas there is love in different places 
Seeing decorations up so high 


Presents under the tree 
They are brought with love 
It sends spirits free 
Knowing on the roof santa is above 


People buy gifts from the heart 
Giving and sharing 
Christmas is my favorite from the start 
Knowing they're people caring 


Presents under the tree 
Snow outside is falling 
Even people give presents to people who can't see 
Knowing the presents are calling 


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-Bide your time and hold out hope-

September 11, 2013


To cast away the darkest thought,

just turn your sights upon the sky,

embrace it's beauty- love for aught,

which stands against the test of time.


Just keep your head above the clouds,

and bounded not by earth's restraint,

your shame is naught my love -feel proud,

and hold on till another day.


However sad that you may feel,

will pass in time as all things do,

but if they don't lets make a deal,

to keep on giving life a chance.


And in return I'll see to that,

your next tears shall be tears of joy,

so lay back down and let me pat,

your head until your fall asleep.


Bring forth the thoughts which make you smile,

bring forth the strength I see in you,

embrace these thoughts and in a while,

you'll wake up to another day.





Author's Notes/Comments: 

Kind words that I'd wish to hear from someone someday. 

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Someone There


A shard of hope - to ease burden's trial,

softly come words spoken from caring heart

Assuring voice calming the urge of doubts,

reaching destined dreams from new journey's start


Solace is offered in an outstretched hand,

a gentle touch to help guide you along

Placing to way misfortunes that bind,

earnest in effort, making the weary strong


An angelic soul accustomed without wings,

sent from Heaven, though never taking flight

A shining presence, born dust from earth,

wholly adorned in glow of  halo's light


Forward your eyes, looking past tears inside,

a time to reflect - and challenges to unfold

Fulfill lost moments scattered in the past,

shadowed turmoil - the forgotten untold


Delivered by whispers upon a prayer,

someone to hold you with love to spare

Arrives a stranger bringing a lasting smile,

a new found friend willing to be there



© C.E.Vance

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm totally disappointed with this tripe. However, as intended when I first started writing this unpleasant bit of nothingness, it's still dedicated to those willing to help someone in need. At least my heart is with them.

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