Independent and Lonely

She is out in the world, an independent
Paying her bills, getting her hair and
nails did, you know...fancy!
So irresistible, men adore' her, women
envy her-
Education established, a successful
career, a house, and cars to show it
She befriends everyone she meets, a
style so unique, critiques do not bother
Intimidating sight, knees tremble at her
side. The life of the party, pictures
capture the moment.
After a hard days work or the night life,
she goes home to the emptiness of her
A refrigerator stock with food, but no one
to share a meal with, a warm fireplace to
cuddle in the winter, but no one to cuddle
with or share a glass of Moscato.
She watches movies in bed alone, it is
in this loneliness when she cries herself
to sleep, willing to give everything for
a heart to love her.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Independence with no love is prison.

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