Too Bad

I speak my mind.

Don't like it?


Too bad.


I bear you my soul.

Don't like it?


Too bad.


I believe that all beings and 

life forms are all the same, 

and different, 

at the same time, 

and that we are slowly losing 

our connection to this concept 

as a species, and it is destroying us.

Don't like it?


Too bad.


I believe there is a sanctity 

that lies within each individual,

every animal,

every life form.

Don't like it?


Too bad.


Don't like my

style of self-expression?

My authenticity?

My 'attitude'?

My disgust with closed-minded people?

My honesty?

My truth?


It's just plain too bad.

I love yours, and I hope 

one day we can meet halfway.



4:20 PM 6/28/2013







Author's Notes/Comments: 

"too bad"




To look out from a window
on a quiet afternoon
across the lonely London street
and beyond the quiet park -
The wind whispers round the leaves.



Sitting on the bench, a man
who reads his papers quietly
his faithful friend sitting beside.
A couple strolls around the block
their child in a carriage -
The murmur of their voices.



On this quiet afternoon
I sit and watch
and hear stray notes,
an aspiring pianist upstairs -
The sound of jazz piano plays distantly.



I could stay here for a long while

even for years, and I'd be happy -
though, perhaps, not forever.



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