Berlin, you sing with chords of afflicting silence, 

Your soundless voice an ominous whisper among your darkened alleys.

Fragile moon, watch from above with a shepherd's eye as I wander;

Give the mountains the shades of nightfall; walk as my cryptic shadow.


Berlin, drape the velvet skyline on thy shoulders,

Hide us from this arctic wind that cuts with a thousand razors.

Quiet ambience, cradle the valleys, the ancient Juniper, the stars of space,

Guide me as thy maverick, take me far away.


Berlin, as my footsteps become distant echoes on your boundaries,

I can hear your whisper, your voice of sweet summer rain.

Venerable mountains, as I become lost between your aphotic stones,

May thou watch over Berlin as she dreams in a perfect silence.

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She wore a cloak of ambient moonlight,
The walls of mahogany sleepless in the quantum radiation.
Her breath reeking of gin, her hair of velvet a beautiful mess,
She wandered as a shadow, the marble stone floors cold as the winter snow.

She breathed lightly, listening to the breeze dance along the outer bricks.
She wandered room by room, listening, waiting.
She could almost feel the night air kiss her neck,
The way it twisted, scattered, smelled of the winter pine.

She danced, floated to invisible snare drums,
Hummed to the inaudible cello.
A sainted animation of the lustrous night,
She drifted along the quiet marble.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

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