I'm watching, everyone having fun, and I'm just sitting alone

I'm waiting,  for time to pass, and I'm just bored

I'm just looking, at old pictures, and I'm just sad

I'm just remembering, all the old things, and I'm just wondering

I'm watching, waiting, looking, and remembering my life, and where its gone

where it started, where it ended, must I keep going?

must I keep fighting my life, for others to be safe, just watching them

waiting for old friends to come back

looking at them like they looked at me

remembering the things we all liked to do

fading away

all away


Author's Notes/Comments: 

We all have those times being down and up...


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Been So Far Down

I had to look up to see bottom. Blues are like that, but you float and rise and then there is sun and air and possibilities again. It is always so, those wonderful "ups" :D


Lady A