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The Writer's Pen

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The Writer's Pen

Not sure who tells the better story,
The writer or the pen?
We come up with the initial idea,
But the pen usually fills in the blanks.
Thoughts race through our conscienceness,
Then the pen takes over, deciding what path to follow.
Places and characters emerge, not previously
Scripted at the inception of our thought process.
Our pen,"The real genious and co-author", cranks out embellishments
In fine detail, adding some color to your literary works.
Little unexpected twists and turns erupt out of nowhere,
Giving the reader a little surprise or wonder to the piece.
  My "Pen" is simply amazing as, I came up with the title
for this write....the rest just appeared on the paper!

by Barry Anderson
 co-author...My Pen'

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"The Writer's Pen".......   Everybody has one!

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