Gut Feelings

Sometimes its best to listen

to the little voice inside

telling you what to do.

Because inside that sound, bouncing aound,

is a little kernel of truth.

Its best sometimes to watch the signs

pointing to what we know as proof.

When the day is seized, blessings flee

and opportunity blows through the roof.

So trust your gut, trust your mind,

and trust whats in your heart.

For only demons and spectres

try to tear your dreams apart.

There were many times I thought it fine

to never put trust in myself.

When talking to girls, when pondering the world,

even when I was playing quelf.

At the end of the day, theres only one way

to have success in this land.

To love who you are, to show all your scars,

those and victory go hand in hand.

If you listen to God, you'll find that you nod

along with his holy words.

On why the worlds warming, on why it is storming,

on why he's relocating Kurds.

But if you look in your soul, past infernoes of coal,

you'll see that the doctrine is yours.

Believe what you will, but remember this still;

self-reflection whats seperates us from boors.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Trust yourself! (lame quote of the day)

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You are better then you think you are.

You're OK with me.


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Yay! Thank you so much for

Yay! Thank you so much for your support.