I pretend

I rememer as a child

I was my grandmother's hero

my manner was mild

my troubles were zero.

But as I grew older

I remained stuck in the past

the winters grew colder

and I kept finishing last.

Yet I remained her star

despite many shortcomings

she would watch from afar

as my hands started drumming.

After saving my mother

from disease that claims me

I wished for a brother

that could help them all see

that I am not what they think

a scholarly pacifist

Im just a man in the klink

who had never been kissed

by his truest love

a spouter of lies

a black winged dove

that escapes to the skies

who runs away from the pretender

the one who is lost

the one who stays tender

no matter the cost.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Ssmoothie said pretending is the pretense to tend..wise words indeed.

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