The Distance Between Us

Caressing dark shadows

Infused by another

I lie here in wait for the day


Blissful snow patterns

Engraved in the ashes

In memories I am enslaved


Why am I burdened

By lingering reflections

False pretense

In a maniacal composition


Screaming out my lungs

But no one can hear

Submerged in an ocean of fear




I'm begging you please

Release me from this haunting reverie



I have lost all control

Clinging to sanity

At the edge of my soul

Don't let go

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I like the words......needed some background music to give me some kind of frame for I listened to Metallica, "Nothing else matters" while reading it though a few times.          The music doesn't exactly fit, but put me in a metal frame of mind for the words.           I think with the write music, could be a kool song....Bear


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Thank you

I hope it becomes a great song maybe one day it finishes! Thank you.

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Thank you guys for reading!

Thank you guys for reading!

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Good one


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i like this!  very nice.

i like this!  very nice.