Big Brother

He is always watching us

the minions of his clan

we can never cuss

and we can never leave this land

he protects us from the villians

that live in lands apart

but he'll sell your soul for a shilling

and that starts a fire in my heart.

Freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength

war is even peace.

They want to make all the pages blank

but writing is my true release.

Running from the thought police

for crimes not yet committed

slinking down these darkened streets

where freedom is not permittef.

I'm not a man of eloquence

a turner of flowery phrase

I just want to make my rent

to live in peace my final days.

So thumbing this empty bottle of gin

I check the doorlocks thrice

I gather up my illegal pens

to escape just one more night.

I'm not a rebellious leader

sent by the gods above

I'm just a poor fate stealer

a man who dared to love.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

1984 is my fave novel of all time. It introduced me to dsytopias at a young age.

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KindredSpirit's picture


You shouldn't know things such as this.

You can get into trouble that way.

Is 1984 real ?

Cue my laugh.

What the hell else can we do ?


mrpoofs's picture

It is very real, but actually

It is very real, but actually kept me outta trounble. Go nerdage!

KindredSpirit's picture

I know Bro

All kidding aside.

I like the poem better

Reading it a second time.


mrpoofs's picture

haha. thanks man!

haha. thanks man!