Written in Stone

Just a thought!

  Written in Stone

      Passages of time, made of written words
      underneath our feet.
      Old cobblestone streets scuffed by passers by,
      Worn and smoothed, weathered by time.
      We walk on centuries of thought by great men
      and collective writers.

      Cracks and lines between stones
      carry words of old, forming maps of the past.

      They lead us to unfamiliar places
      With new ideas, writing words of our own.

      Perhaps we will have new perspective
      on old insight not penned in previous detail.

      Our thoughts will become embedded in stone,
      Leaving new lines in old streets for others to follow.

      by Barry Anderson

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Written in Stone"       The writings of many, leaving us with a journey into the past.

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Great Write. Bear KS

Great Write. Bear