Divine Revelation

I have tried relentlessly to force many people to love me and it always fails. But you, you love me relentlessly without me even asking. I may wait around for someone to give me the attention I crave. Often the attention I receive is not the kind I desire. It is usually superficial and shallow because no one knows me well. Yet you are always seeking after my heart. You know my heart better than even I do. You still love me even when I have the tendency to follow shadows. You shine a light on me to remind me that darkness may win for the night but you will never give you on me. You will come after me, stalking me like a jealous lover. You will never stop pursuing me because you know that only you can love me like I want to be loved. Only you will stand by my side while all these so-called friends and false lovers walk away. You have been with me when I cried every hreatbroken tear and you have held me when I felt alone. Sometimes I didn't see you there but you were there. You never left me when I thought I had no one. Even now you breathe into my fingers and give me these words I write so I do not forget what you have done for me. I will never comprehend why you would forgive me for all the times I have forsaken you for counterfeit love but you forgive me even as I sin, even as I succumb to every temptation. Your love is without condition. Your love does not expect reciprocation. Your love is unfailing, Your love is relentless. 

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Like this a lot

Wish I could of been

Like this one time

In my life;

Instead of not.