The demons dream

Dark. Scared. Feeling I have no soul. 

It may just be me, but why are my hands so cold?


My jeans is covered in a substance, I havent seen before.

My headaches are on overdrive, as described in the lore.


My legs are shaky, and my eyes becomes more and more itchy, and gives me a new look

Even though it's all so blurry, I still feel the pain in my ribcage, coming from the hook.


They told me I was the messiah, the long awaited son.

Back then I was happy, now my head is ready to take a bullet from the gun.


I guess all the nightmares I tried to forget, was trying to warn me about my faith.

I would cry, but I have lost my feelings. I've become what I feared the most, a wraith.


I bend down on my knees, and kiss my family goodbye.

''You are in a better place now, tell grandpa I said Hi''.


I'm walking out of the setting, leaving a trail for everyone to follow.

It doesnt matter if they find me, for inside this body, i'm hollow.


Thats the last thing I remember, as i'm waking up. Opening my eyes, and I scream.

People are standing around me, caresses my cheeks, saying I have fulfilled the demons dream...


Author's Notes/Comments: 

A dark poem about depression. There is a lot in subtext and intertextuality, which makes this poem, what it is.

It's kinda cryptic but thats the point. Because depression is cryptic.