tearing down that wall

tearing down this wall! 2015




these walls they surround me strong and unbreakable in there thickness


im screaming for help at the top of my voice but its echoing within a quickness


im pounding with hands so scared up and know i've done this before as i recall


they need to come down no more isolation so i'm tearing down this wall


my past has made me put them up to save myself from all my pain so true


once its up its impenitrable in all there security and others have no clue


why i need my solitude and feel very comfortable being alone so i dont fall


but the more i think on it the more i know that i need to be tearing down this wall


others wanna hurt me and brick by brick it rises so high it almost reaches the sky


and with out it i feel naked and unprotected and so very much all alone


should it stay or should it go that is all i think about and confusion' smade me groan


someday i will be able to push that wall right down so i can hold my head up tall


so i'll keep on earing down untill one day it crumbles and i've torn down that wall




Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this one because i realized i had a wall so thick around me that i couldnt let no one in and realized if i didnt tear down that wall i would never truely be happy


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